Sports and remedial massage is invaluable for anyone with a regular exercise regime because it can help to loosen, repair and restore muscles. For those who participate in sports, it is an essential part of preparation and recovery for important events. It is also suitable for anyone experiencing pain or postural problems or those with a limited or poor quality of movement.   

This type of massage is also ideal for anyone who puts their body through repetitive tasks or holds a posture for prolonged periods, each of which can introduce patterns of tension.  A person who sits or stands in the same position for long periods, regularly uses a computer or perhaps works outdoors may be putting their body through strain.  Even driving for extended periods has an impact.  Sports and remedial massage is therefore appropriate for office workers, school teachers, builders, hairdressers and gardeners – not just athletes!  

Sports massage uses advanced manipulation and techniques that penetrate into the deeper layers of muscles, tendons, ligaments and their connections and can soften and separate muscle tissues that have become hardened and ‘stuck’. Techniques may include the use forearms and elbows to really access problem areas but I will always communicate with you throughout the treatment so that the pressure is comfortable.

Sports and remedial massage can bring relief from pain and discomfort, tension and tightness as well as help alleviate many common conditions such as back pain, sciatica, R.S.I., tennis elbow, shin splints, frozen shoulder and migraines. By improving muscle flexibility, it can also help restore movement and mobility around joints that have become stiff and painful. 

During your first treatment, a full assessment is carried out in order to determine your treatment plan.  This may include postural assessment, muscle testing and orthopaedic testing.  You are therefore requested to bring shorts and a vest top.

I always offer advice for your after-care such as appropriate stretches for your condition.

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