Whilst living in London I received many treatments from Noreen over a four year period. A combination of deep tissue massage, holistic and hot stones massage, myofascial work and craniosacral therapy.   Noreen's practice seems to have the perfect mix of a knowledgeable physiological base with a highly intuitive approach.  She has a lovely warm, friendly nature and a very special skill of being able to pin point areas needing treatment.

- Trina (Illustrator/Surface Designer)

I have received many massage treatments from Noreen over a period of time and she recently introduced me to craniosacral therapy.  The craniosacral treatments I have received are excellent.  Noreen is very thorough and  has always put me at ease, she is also very accurate in finding my physical ailments.  The effects of the craniosacral treatments continue as the week commences and I have felt the amazing healing benefits of this treatment, mostly more mobility in my hip which has been a wonderful relief.  The treatment room is lovely too, which makes me feel instantly at ease. I highly recommend Noreen as a therapist.

- Catherine M (Counsellor)

I have had treatments with many massage therapists over the years but none quite like Noreen.  Having examined my muscles after I advised her of a physical issue, I was astonished at the knowledge, expertise and detail with which Noreen reported back to me. None of which have been passed on to me by other massage therapists over the years with the same physical issue.  Noreen's knowledge, skill and passion make her an expert in her field and I am so happy that I crossed paths with her. 
I have also had many craniosacral treatments with Noreen which I totally love and the energy is truly amazing.  I would highly recommend a session with Noreen for the health of your body. She is an excellent therapist and a highly skilled professional in this area.  
Thank you Noreen for helping reduce my physical pain and helping my body to restore itself to better health.

- Amanda (P.A.)