Course Details:

Venue:  The Healthy Lifestyle Centre, Abbotshall Road, SE6 1SQ

After School:

Time: Tuesday 3.45-4.45 pm

(aged 4-8)

Cost: £5 per child

Register your child in advance


Kidding Around Yoga classes are suitable for children aged 2-8. The classes are multi-sensory and fun. Children will play games, sing, dance, meditate and practice mindfulness all whilst learning about yoga and yoga poses.  The session will help raise and lower heart rates through active games, as well as promote physical balance, strength, co-ordination and stamina.  The classes will also teach perseverance, calming and energising through breathing techniques.

Mindfulness and meditation activities will aid better emotional regulation, improve focus and concentration and help release any stress and tension that some children may be vulnerable to, therefore promoting better health and happiness.

Children will learn life skills like co-operation and teamwork, conquering challenges and develop persistence to grow in to resilient adults. it's all part of the curriculum in my MULTI-SENSORY children’s sessions.

There is lots of room for progression and adapting the class to suit the needs of the children.  The classes run for 45 for children aged 2-4 and 60 minutes for children aged 4-8.


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