In addition to easing tension and muscle stiffness, hot stones increase circulation and metabolism resulting in a deep state of relaxation. Clients often find it a more relaxing experience than other forms of massage alone, even if deep tissue techniques have been applied. Unsurprisingly, this is a very popular treatment in the winter.

My stones originate from the volcanic mountains of the Jordan Valley.  They have been smoothed by nature over the years on their way down to the Sea of Galilee.  They vary in shape and size, allowing me to work on different muscles groups, with optimum comfort to the client.  


Hot Stone massage uses basalt stones, warmed gently in a slow cooker.  The stones are first placed on different areas of the body and left to rest.  Once the warmth has penetrated deep into muscles and tissues, further massage techniques are applied.

For a truly relaxing treatment, more stones are used to provide a gentle holistic massage. 

The stones can also be used in preparation for deeper tissue work, when areas of strong tension are present. Once the body is warm and relaxed, a combination of hot stones, forearms and elbows may be applied to manipulate and release the tension. In this way, hot stone massage combines the therapeutic effect of a deep tissue massage with the relaxation effect of a deep, penetrating heat.

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