Massage assists the body’s natural healing abilities by taking it back to a state of balance.  In this state, the body is best able to repair, renew and rejuvenate. 

I offer a number of different massages, including:



Sports and remedial massage is invaluable for anyone with a regular exercise regime because it can help to loosen, repair and restore muscles. For those who participate in sports, it is an essential part of preparation and recovery for important events. It is also suitable for anyone experiencing pain or postural problems or those with a limited or poor quality of movement.   


swedish/holistic massage:

Swedish massage is the most common type of spa massage.  A variety of classic techniques are used, including kneading, gliding and friction.  These movements warm up the muscle tissues and aid in releasing tension, breaking down adhesions, commonly referred to as “knots”.  A Swedish massage can be slow and gentle for an extremely relaxing experience or vigorous to revitalise and help soothe away aches and pains.


hot stone massage:

Hot Stone massage uses basalt stones, warmed gently in a slow cooker.  The stones are first placed on different areas of the body and left to rest.  Once the warmth has penetrated deep into muscles and tissues, further massage techniques are applied.

For a truly relaxing treatment, more stones are used to provide a gentle holistic massage. 





Seated Acupressure massage is specifically designed for the back, neck, shoulders, the arms, hands and scalp. Seated Massage is also known as 'On Site Chair Massage' and 'Acupressure Massage'.

Clothing does not need to be removed and therefore it can be carried out in almost any setting from offices to the gym or even outdoors, at all types of events.