I offer the following therapies and services for children:



Infant Baby Massage is a powerful tool for strengthening parent and baby bonding.  Baby massage has many benefits, including; aiding colic relief and encouraging deeper, longer sleep for babies, therefore, benefitting the whole family! 

Learning how to massage and bond with your baby is a life-long parenting skill, that will give you a deeper understanding of your baby's behaviour and confidence in your ability to care for and nurture your baby.


massage in schools programme (m.i.s.p.):

The Massage in Schools Programme is an easy, accessible tool for improving children's quality of life in schools.  This intention is to give the children the opportunity to experience nurturing touch at school in a safe way.  

The M.I.S.P. embraces the nature of the child and is a refreshing way to attain many educational goals, including those that are cognitive, emotional and behavioural.

The programme is also suitable for afterschool clubs. children with additional needs and special educational needs.




Kidding Around Yoga gives children the tools to manage stress, stay healthy, and build positive relationships.  How amazing would it be, to introduce yoga to children when they are young, so they can learn the skills at an early age?  Yoga teaches children to communicate, to focus and improve their listening skills, understand their bodies, build self-confidence, and manage stress, all whilst they are having fun through imagination, playtime, stories and music.  The Children also get a great physical workout and have tons of fun together. 

Classes include mindfulness practices, meditation and breathing exercises, which can have a significant long-term affect on a child's development, optimising their health, well-being and happiness. 



The Youth Mindfulness Programme is taught within the classroom setting. The programme is another tool to help children manage stress and stay emotionally healthy. Through mindfulness practice, we can teach children to respond with greater wisdom and flexibility to difficult emotions and experiences, and learn to live with greater happiness and vitality.

Mindfulness is a way of training the mind to be present. It is a secular meditative practice, which involves paying attention to what is happening as it happens, and doing so with an attitude of kindness, acceptance, and non-judgement.

The programme is also suitable for after school clubs.